Tekmar 665   Snow Detector & Melting Control - Pulse width modulation

Tekmar 665 Snow Detector & Melting Control - Pulse Width Modulation

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The Tekmar 665 Snow Detector & Melting Control when combined with the Tekmar 090 Snow / Ice Sensor, provides automatic snow / ice detection.  The Snow Detector & Melting Control 665 is designed to operate mechanical equipment to melt snow off an outdoor slab. It can be used in hydronic or electric snow melting applications. This product uses a tekmar snow/ice detection sensor in order to automatically melt snow using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and slab Outdoor Reset to maintain slab temperature. It is capable of controlling a single boiler, a system pump, and providing a signal when melting is enabled.

• Automatic snow detection and melt control (with 090 Sensor)
• CSA C US certified (approved to applicable UL standards)
• Cold Weather Cut Out
• Equipment Exercising
• Manual Override
• Remote display and adjustment capabilities
• Slab Outdoor Reset
• Temporary Idle
• Test sequence to ensure proper component operation
• Warm Weather Shut Down

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