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Tekmar 406 tN2 House Control – Heat pump & backup, Four zone valves

$ 887.75

The tekmarNet®2 House Control 406 is designed to operate the equipment in a 2-pipe, single tank, hydronic heating and cooling system. It operates two heat pump stages (water-to-water or air-to-water) with a backup heat source (boiler or electric resistance). The heat pump provides either hot or chilled water to a storage tank loop and optional mixed temperature loop. For radiant heating, the water temperature is calculated using Outdoor Temperature Reset. For radiant cooling, the chilled water temperature is maintained at an adjustable setpoint, or is adjusted using dew-point reset with a humidity sensor. A backup boiler can provide an Outdoor Temperature Reset water temperature as well as domestic hot water and setpoint water temperatures. The 406 operates 4 on-board heating and cooling zones and is expandable up to 52 zones on the boiler, tank, and mix water temperatures.

• Automatic Boiler Differential
• Controls 2-stage heat pump
• Controls on/off or modulating boiler
• DHW Post Purge
• DHW control with priority
• Electric resistance backup (optional)
• Exercising
• Expandable up to 52 zones
• Floor cooling capable
• Four 24 V (ac) powered zone outputs
• Indoor Temperature Feedback
• Intelligent heat/cool switchover
• One touch overrides (with optional User Switch)
• Outdoor Temperature Reset
• Setpoint operation
• System Setback (with optional Timer)
• Variable speed, floating action, or proportional mixing control
• Warm Weather Shut Down
• Zone Synchronization

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