Tekmar 401   tN2 House Control – Boiler, DHW & Setpoint, Four zone pumps

Tekmar 401 tN2 House Control – Boiler, DHW & Setpoint, Four zone pumps

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The tekmarNet® 2 House Control 401 is designed to operate all of the mechanical equipment in a residential hydronic heating system, coordinating their operation through network communication. It can be used in applications ranging from a single zone of baseboard with an on/off boiler, to multiple radiant floor zones with a modulating/condensing boiler. This control regulates one space heating water temperature through Outdoor Temperature Reset and Indoor Temperature Feedback. It is capable of controlling a single on/off, two stage, or modulating boiler, Domestic Hot Water, setpoint loads, 4 on-board zone pumps, and can expand up to 24 zones in total.

• Automatic Boiler Differential
• Boiler Protection
• DHW Post Purge
• DHW Priority (optional)
• DHW control
• Exercising
• For use with tekmarNet®2 thermostats ONLY
• Four 115 V (ac) powered zone outputs
• Indoor Temperature Feedback
• One touch overrides (with optional User Switch)
• Only requires 2 Wires Per Zone
• Outdoor Temperature Reset
• Powered pump outputs
• Setpoint operation
• Single on/off, two stage, or modulating boiler control
• System Setback (with optional Timer)
• Warm Weather Shut Down
• Zone Synchronization
• tN4 expansion terminals

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