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Tekmar 162 tekmarNet® 4 Setpoint Control – One stage heat / cool

$ 265.14

The tekmarNet® 4 Setpoint Control 162 is designed to operate a single piece of heating or cooling equipment in order to maintain a setpoint temperature. It can be used in applications, including heating a swimming pool, maintaining a chilled water storage tank, and maintaining a constant slab temperature in a commercial car wash bay. This product regulates a constant water temperature for heating or cooling using one of 6 preset modes (setpoint on/off, hot tub, DHW, setpoint PWM, floor, pool). It has 2 relays (rated at 24 V, 2 A) and uses relay #1 to control the heating/cooling device, while relay #2 can be used for devices such as a DHW re-circulation pump.

• 5 different levels of priority
• CWSD (if connected to tekmarNet® network with outdoor sensor)
• DHW tank operation
• Exercising
• Floor operation
• Hot tub operation
• On / Off differential
• One stage heat or cool
• Pool operation
• Programmable Setback Schedule
• Pulse Width Modulation
• Scenes supported
• System pump control
• Temperature sensor input
• WWSD (if connected to tekmarNet® network with outdoor sensor)
• tekmarNet® 4 and tekmarNet® 2 compatible

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