Tekmar 356   Mixing Control - Variable speed

Tekmar 356 - Mixing Control - Variable speed

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The Mixing Control 356 is designed to operate a mixing pump to control the temperature in a hot water heating system using Outdoor Temperature Reset. It can be used in applications ranging from in-floor radiant to commercial baseboard systems for boiler protection with full reset. This control regulates a single heating water temperature through Outdoor Temperature Reset. It provides mixing by speeding up or slowing down a single permanent capacitor (standard wet rotor) circulator.

• Advanced settings to fine-tune building requirements
• Automatic Boiler Differential
• Boiler Load Reset
• CSA C US certified (approved to applicable UL standards)
• Outdoor Temperature Reset
• Quick setup for easy installation and programming of control
• Test sequence to ensure proper component operation
• User comfort adjustment to increase or decrease building space temperature
• Variable speed pump control
• Warm Weather Shut Down

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