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Bell & Gossett 113237 Brass TPV-1FM Tank Purge Valve

$ 45.14

Combination full port shut-off valve and drain valve used to connect an expansion tank to the system. It is important that the pre-charge in an expansion tank be maintained at the proper pressure at all times. This pressure is the lowest system operating pressure. When the tank's pressure is adjusted, there should be no system liquid in it. This pre-charge should be checked and adjusted when: Tank is first installed, if system is started or operating with the incorrect tank pre-charge, annually to assure proper pre-charge pressure at all times. The TPV (Tank Purge Valve) is ideal for this as the tank can be isolated from the system, drained and the pre-charge checked and adjusted without draining or shutting down the system. The TPV also serves as a service valve should the tank need to be removed or have the bladder changed. These valves are furnished standard with a drain valve with a standard 5/8" hose connection.

Operating Data
Maximum Working Pressure: 400 PSIG (2758kPa)
Maximum Operating Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 250°F (121°C)

Materials of Construction
Valve Body: Brass
Ball: Chrome Plated
Ball Seal: PTFE
Stem: Explosion Proof
O-Ring: EPDM

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